How to Eat Fire DVD

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How to Eat Fire DVD



The secrets of an ancient art REVEALED! Carisa Hendrix, a professional instructor and fire performer, walks you through a compilation of tips, tricks and facts collected over years of research and experience. This DVD is designed to break down complicated and dangerous tricks into easy to follow steps that will build your confidence and allow you to master this beautiful art.

Fire eating is the perfect, high impact finale to for magicians, fire jugglers, poi and fire hoop dancers and street performers. Instantly boost the caliber of your show.

Fire eating is an art that has truly stood the test of time, never ceasing to fascinate audiences century after century in every corner of the world. It is the act of manipulating the most wild and dangerous of elements; a truly powerful act.

With clear instruction, multiple demonstrations and the additional clips from an actual fire eating class, this DVD is perfect for the complete novice and the seasoned fire bug alike.

Trailing - Running the flame along the surface of your body
Finger Transfer - transfer the flame from one torch to the other with your finger
Palm Transfers - transfer the flame from one torch to the other with the palm of your hand
Palm Extinguish (Two Methods) - Snuffing the torch with the palm of your hand
Fire Eating - Extinguishing the lit torch in your mouth
The Taste - Holding a lit torch on your tongue
Tongue Transfer - transfer the flame from one torch to the other with your tongue
Tooth Hold - hold a lit torch in your teeth
Human Candle - Holding a small candle sized flame in your mouth by slowly feeding it oxygen.
Human Canon - Igniting one torch with the flame and fumes pulled off another and held in your mouth

Plus More!
Extras include a questions and answers section with a fire eating class where we touch on some interesting ideas, bloopers and Carisa teaches a seasoned fire fighter a few tricks.

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